Here is the program for lane one today.

Today’s theme was breast stroke. I hope you enjoyed.

Here’s some advice I mentioned during the session:

– Do not kick to the side. The trajectory of the breast stroke kick looks
going outside. However, it is because the trajectory traces toe. The heel
trajectory is no more than your body width.

– Close your leg immediately after the kick motion. You had better attach
both of your feet at the end of the kick. This will give you additional a
few centimeter of glide.


>>>>>>>>>> Wed, 23-Feb-2011
(1) 1x400m(w-up)
(2) 4x100m(50Fr+50Cho Rest=20sec)
(3) 4x50m/1:20(Breast stroke swim)
(4) 4x50m/1:30(breas with fist)
(5) 4x50m/1:20(Breast stroke swim)
(6) 4x50m/1:15(Freestyle SWOLF)
(7) 4x50m/1:10(SWOLF dec score by 1)
(8) 1x200m(swim down)
Total: 2000m

(4) Breast stroke with fist enables you to concentrate sensing water
pressure on your forearm. This will help you to improve all four strokes.
(5) Close your leg immediately after the kick motion, to minimize
turbulence, so that you can glide longer.
(6) Swimming GOF to check average score.
(7) Decrease the SWOLF score by 1, although 5 seconds fewer send off time.