To all the relay swimmers (Great and Small) who made yesterday such a fab day, thanks very much.

As you may have already seen we came 3rd in the overall pointscore. This is a great result especially as we had 10 less swimmers than Sandbern Aquadot and Warringah who came 1st and 2nd respectively. It is also reflective of the attitude and tenacity of ALL our swimmers who competed, fast and slow.

As you’d expect there were some stand out performances. The mens 120A team who swam down Sandbern to win in the final lap of the 4×100 m freestyle. The womens 120A team of Melanie, Christina, Isla and Sarah blew their competition out of the water. We performed equally well through all the age groups and even had a hot 240 team. Yeah!! Thanks to Jan, Michy, Alvin and John Wynberg. Great stuff.

Don’t forget if like me you’re relegated to the B,C,D or E team this is about competing for your club, contributing to gain points, making up numbers and having  fun.

And Bob you were brilliant as the last swimmer in the mens160 4×25 medley relay!!!

So…………. for NEXT YEAR here are some points that may entice you to join us.

The relay carnival is a numbers game. Ron Masaar, relay captain of Sanbern, loves the relay carnival. He drags anyone with two legs and arms into his team. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you swim, the idea is to do what you can with what you’ve got.

For those of you less experienced with competition I saw swimmers starting in the water and to the side of the blocks. Diving off the blocks and tumble turning is not a prerequisite for competing with your club at the Relay Carnival.

NSWMS ran the carnival at race pace. Some of our swimmers were finished their 5 events by 12:30 and we were all done by 2:30. We had a really relaxing catchup at the Woolich Pier pub afterwards. Thanks for organising that Colin.

Finally thanks to everyone turning up and surviving the marshalling. I apologise now to anyone I waved at frantically or ordered out of the
warm down pool. I guess my default is kind of bossy. Oh well.

Go North Sydney!!!!!!!!! Brilliant stuff.

Here are our results.

Submitted by Helen White, Co-Pool Captain

President’s Note: 3 Cheers to Helen White & John Devries (Pool Captains) & Daniel Beltrami (kind volunteer) for figuring out all the relay permutations and getting all 42 relays entered – even adjusting to last minute additions & deletions. An additional THANK YOU to all 36 swimmers who participated for showing up and ensuring that every single relay entered got to swim!  One final note of recognition to Isla Hale who won the “Trooper” award for the day by showing up with a chest infection so as not to let down her fellow team members and let everyone swim their entered relays. Way to go Isla!