The AGM was held on May 8 after squad and the new committee for 2013-2014 was elected as follows:

Position 2012 Member 2013 Nominee Proposed Seconded
President Christina Echols Christina Echols Jac Oxley Matthew Leditschke
Vice President Grant Parr (resigning) Bev Aston Christina Echols Grant Parr
Treasurer John Kain John Kain Christina Echols Momo
Secretary Erin Crawford Erin Crawford Melody Alvin
Head Coach Steve Badger Steve Badger Alvin Christina Echols
Race Secretary Jan Taylor (resigning) Pete Gregory Christina Echols Helen White
Registrar Jen Langgons Jen Langgons Matthew Leditschke Jac Oxley
Men’s Pool Captain John De Vries John De Vries Christina Echols Pete Gregory
Women’s Pool Captain Helen White Helen White Christina Echols Pete Gregory
Ocean Swim Captain Colin Hannah Joe Watkins Christina Echols Momo
Club Recorder Matthew Leditschke Matthew Leditschke Pete Gregory Christina Echols
Communications Officer Pete Gregory Pete Gregory Bev Alvin Parr-Whalley
Social Secretary Motoko KonoStephan Wall Motoko KonoStephan Wall Melody Xu Mary
Safety & Training Officer Roz Elliot Roz Elliot Momo Mary
Equipment Officer Mel Speet Mel Speet Melody Xu Helen White
General Committee members Luke ParrDave Hugo (resigning)Sarah Koch Luke ParrAlice  Wilson MomoChristina Helen WhiteMomo

Full minutes of the meeting can be found here: 2013 AGM Minutes