After some feedback about the Online Entry system I’ve made a few changes to make it even easier to enter meets.

The Closing date for entries is now more visible on the Calendar page…

Once you’ve entered your name and date of birth from the Enter link on the Calendar you’ll see this handy navigation aid to show you were you are.

STEP 1: Create Your Entry | STEP 2: Check Your Entry | STEP 3: Confirm Your Entry

  1. First you Create Your Entry by selecting the events and times you want to swim and extra things like how you’ll be paying.
  2. Then you Check Your Entry to make sure everything looks right.
  3. Then you Confirm Your Entry.

You’ll then be returned to the Calendar page with a nice little message saying your entry confirmation was successful. If you entered an email address you’ll also get an email with the details of your entry.

If you don’t get these things you haven’t entered!

You can also go back and update your entry at any time up until the closing date.

So get to it folks! There are host of great meets coming up…