The Annual General Meeting was held on April 16, 2014 the new committee for 2014-2015 season was appointed. The new committee consists of the following:

Position 2014 Nominee
President Christina Echols
Vice President Bevon Aston
Treasurer John Kain
Secretary Luke Parr
Head Coach Steve Badger
Race Secretary Pete Gregory
Registrar Jen Langgons
Pool Relay Captain John Devries
Assistant Pool Relay Captain Helen White
Pool captain Sam Chalmers
Ocean Swim Captain Alvin Parr-Whalley
Club Recorder Matthew Leditschke
Communications Officer Peter Gregory
Social Secretaries Joe Watkins Alice Wilson
Safety & Training Officer Rosiland Elliot
Equipment Officer Melanie Speet
General Committee members Stephan Wall Kim Moore

Click here for  2014 North Sydney AGM Minutes


Please don’t hesitate to speak with any of your committee members should you have feedback, wish to volunteer at any of our events (we are in search of a new meet director for 2015!) or just need more information on any club activities.