Thank you to all those who have filled in their goals survey. The coaches met today to take on all feedback and modify our training plan accordingly. For those that like to know there is a plan and what it is all about, this is for you. The rest of you can go back to sleep:).

We have been in a long-distance / aerobic-endurance phase through January and February to improve base fitness and prep ocean swimmers for the weekend outings. Now, as we move into competition season, we are moving into higher quality (and higher rest) work leading up to Long Course State Championships on April 8-9. We encourage anyone who wants to try their hand at racing (there is no such thing as too slow), to sign up:  (Closing date for entries in 31 March 2017).

The majority of members would like to develop their skills in the pool – turns and strokes. To that end, over the 4 weeks following our training weekend in Terrigal, we will have a focus during every session on one form stroke. (The whole session will not be form stroke, but form stroke will be incorporated).

  • Week of March 13: Butterfly week (Bring your fins to every session please)  [March 18 pool session is replaced with swim at Balmoral).
  • Week of March 20: Backstroke week
  • Week of March 27: Breaststroke week (and start taper) – [Balmoral Ocean swim takes place on April 2 – if you are new to ocean swimming, this is a perfect swim to try for the first time – and the MC for the day is our very own Coach Charm –]
  • Week of April 3: Medley week (and taper)

Separately, Guil has offered to video people in the last 5-10 minutes of any Monday/Wednesday session for you to review and keep on your smartphone. Simply bring your phone to the session and notify Guil at the beginning that you would like to be filmed. He can do 1-2 people each night. This is a great way to get feedback on your stroke and help you understand what areas to focus on and improve.

Following LC State Championships, we will move to another phase of training as we start a new cycle to prep for the State Relay Carnival in early July where the more members we have participating, the merrier! (All beginners welcome… there is no such thing as too slow – if you can complete the lap, you earn points for the team).

That’s it for now. Please let us know if you have any concerns regarding the above plan – either speak to us on deck, or send us an email at:



On behalf of all coaches,
Coaching Coordinator