Now that we have finished our 4 week block of training focusing on a different stroke every week and prepping a few people for NSW State Championships that took place this weekend, it is time to provide an overview of our next THIRTEEN weeks culminating in the NSW State Relay Carnival where we encourage EVERY member to participate on 9 July 2017.
As per the last training plan update, if you are not interested in the details of what the plan is from week to week, you can stop reading now and trust that the coaches will make each session enjoyable for you and get you fit. For those that love to know these things, here it is.
Phase 1: Aerobic Phase – 2 weeks: Starting this week, we will be building distance at an aerobic pace mostly focused on freestyle.
Phase 2: Aerobic Endurance – 3 weeks: Starting the week of April 24 we will continue to build our aerobic system and at the same time, stress our bodies with some threshold work so as to build endurance. Week 1 of this phase will include medley work, Week 2 mostly freestyle, and week 3 will incorporate backstroke.
Phase 3: Middle-Distance Quality – 4 weeks: Starting the week of May 14, we will increase the quality with longer rest periods (heart rates are going up) over middle distances (think 200’s). Week 1 will be freestyle focus, week 2 is a butterfly/free week, week 3 is a medley focus, and week 4 is a freestyle / choice week.
Phase 4: Sprint distance Quality – 4 weeks: Starting the week of June 12, we enter the last 4 weeks leading up to the relay carnival with a focus on shorter distances (100 and below) and fine-tuning of starts, turns and relay take-overs. Quality will stay high over these distances, with ample rest to be able to maintain the quality throughout each session. Week 1 will include a focus on breaststroke and the 3 remaining weeks will be cleaning up specific strokes and skills for the relay carnival.
That’s it. See you on the pool deck!
Coaching Coordinator