Please note some special sessions next weekend:
Saturday: 10am to 1pm – Get ready to challenge yourself to up to 80-90-100 x 100’s. See details below.
Easter Sunday: RECOVERY  – session cancelled
Easter Monday:
     Option 1: Balmoral swim @ 9:30am – meet at the North End of the beach near the Balmoral Beach Club
      Option 2: Holiday hours at the pool – 5:45-6:45pm

Details for Saturday – from Coach Charm:

This Easter, rather than just swim SaturdaySunday and Monday, I’ve decided to set something different and challenging. Saturday the session will run for 3 hrs and the aim is to swim as many 100’s of the given set that you can. It will be run as a squad session so there is a program to follow and will be broken into sets of 10 for lane 3, 9 for lane 2 and 8 for lane 1 with different time cycles for each. The sets themselves will be a mix of stokes, speeds, drills and different challenges. Start time will be 10am.

There is no pressure to swim all of them and you are welcome to turn up and join when you can if 10 is a bit hard but bear in mind that the first set will be the warm up ones. As the session is longer you will need more than just a bottle of water especially if the sun is out. Nutrition wise you will need some carbs, electrolytes and a bit of protein so maybe a powdered sports drink, bananas, sports gels, bars, jelly babies, milky ways, soup, – anything that’s easy to stomach and is tasty. Things such as Ribena, apple juice or ginger cordial will break up the taste of the water as well. Make sure everything has your name on, even bananas as I don’t want to have to referee over a piece of fruit. When you finish you need to have something available for recovery that’s not just a cup of coffee. At least 250-300mls of something is needed to help you recover well. Also don’t forget sun screen and Vaseline.

Monday’s session at Balmoral and will sort of be a recovery swim.