The Annual General Meeting has been postponed from last Saturday to Wednesday 3 May 2017 immediately following training (~8:15pm). Pizza will be on hand to feed one and all who show up. This is the most important meeting of the year for the club in which we nominate our committee and pass both the annual report and treasurer's report. If you want a say in who is making decisions and how they are making them with your fees, this is your time to participate. 8 financial, general members are required for quorum, so please come along and have your say. The meeting must be adjourned by 8:55pm when the pool closes, so it will not delay you too much on your Wednesday evening!

Scott has gone to the UK for the month and has asked me to step in to run the AGM. He has already sent out the relevant documents, but they were sent again in a notification email on 24/04/2017 for your convenience:

  1. Agenda
  2. 2016 AGM Minutes
  3. Annual Report
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Proposed Constitution with changes (see note below)*
  6. Committee roles

Each year the committee (and other non-committee club roles) puts in volunteer time to keep our club running and as some members have been on the committee or in other positions for multiple years, they take turns stepping aside for another volunteer to step up. If you have never had an official role with the club, please take a moment to review the various roles and see if you might be willing to volunteer some time this year. If you have questions about a specific role, feel free to discuss with any current committee members. Specific roles which are being resigned include: Pool Captain, Equipment Manager, either Treasurer or Registrar (Colin has held both positions this year). This does not exclude you from volunteering for other roles, but these are the ones we most need volunteers for at the moment.

*Constitution: The majority of changes are minor in nature and have been amended to bring the constitution in line with the Model Constitution of NSW Fair Trading. If you view the constitution in MS Word, the mark-ups have been left in to see the actual amendments. The key changes fall under article 9 - Source and Management of Funds. The key impact that will be noticeable to the committee (and those getting paid by the club) is the requirement for 2 signatures on all payments by executive committee members rather than one.

The event has been updated on our Facebook page (click on the event in the top image). To help us plan pizza quantity, please go to the event and tap "going" or else email to let me know if you plan to attend.

Many thanks,

Past President & Coaching Coordinator