There are a few local carnivals coming up in February and March to take note of and add to your calendar. All entries are done online through the Masters Swimming portal (your North Sydney membership – club code NNS – must be up to date to enter). Go here to view the calendar and enter:

Carnival Date Entry Deadline – noon on date Entry Fee (pay online) Comments
Campbelltown 3 Feb 2018 26 Jan 2018 $22 We already have 4 swimmers entered. The more the merrier!
Merrylands 10 Feb 2018 2 February 2018 $23 This is a sprint meet – 50’s of each stroke & relays. Would be great to have at least 8 people and 2 relays to enter!
Wett Ones Swim meet – ABC Pool 2 March 2018 23 February 2018 $16.50 + pool entry A Friday night meet at a pool as iconic as ours. Mostly 50s + 100 free. This is part of Mardi Gras and not part of the Masters website.
Blacktown 3 March 2018 23 February 2018 $20 + pool entry This is a great pool and the carnival has a variety of 50’s, 100’s & 200’s. Good warm-up for States.
Long Course State Championships @ Homebush (SOPAC) 17-18 March 2018 9 March 2018 $25 + $5/event The pool may be close to 2o years old now, but it is still a delight to race in. Come on out and do North Sydney proud including relays!

Remember – it doesn’t matter if you’ve never raced before OR how slow you are. If you are concerned about any rules, just ask your coaches in advance (and be sure to let them know the during the week if you are attending a carnival on the weekend).


Pool Captain