Saturday and Sunday training are at the regular hours (10:30am to 12pm) at the pool this weekend. 

Beware though – Saturday is Australia Day and as such there are many activities going in the Harbour. Thus, there is a clearway on the street parallel to Bradfield Park on the Kirribilli side. Expect parking to be at a premium – you would be best to opt for your feet, bicycle or public transport. There is a good view of harbour from the sun deck at the pool, so it’s a good place to be. Don’t let the signs for Family Fun Day throw you – our lanes are reserved as normal, but there will be some large inflatables on the other side of the pool open for business starting at 11am.

Monday will be a bit different. Instead of public holiday hours at the pool, we will be meeting at Balmoral Baths (near the south end of the beach) at 9am for a fun session with Mickaela. Parking can be difficult here as well, so the bus &/or carpooling is always a good option. Some will be having breakfast / coffee afterwards, so come along and have some fun.

Schedule returns to normal on Wednesday.