Just a quick note to let you all about the next North’s Club Fun Day on Sunday 25 September.

For those who’ve never participated before or who are new to the club, it’s an opportunity to get some race experience without the stress of actual swimming carnival rules and regulations. It’s also an opportunity to see once and for all who actually is the fastest – you or your training Arch-Nemesis!

Over the next few Sundays I will be garnering support for those who wish to attend, so start thinking about which strokes you’d like to try out. Everyone will be able to compete in two fifty metre sprints – so choose two strokes. Everyone who attends will be placed in at least one relay team.

There will also be complimentary food and drink afterwards so ensure you put in your best effort in the pool before gorging on delicious sandwiches.

So, save the date – September 25th!!
Your Member at large,