Thanks to everyone who’s sense of team spirit and fun, tinged with a little competition, made Sunday such a great day.

Despite having less swimmers than previous years North Sydney came third in the overall point score, creating 12 new club records in the process.

A special thank you to the relay carnival rookies Laurence, Jenni, Emma, Sam and Suzi. Also Robyn and Kevin who made the trip from Canberra.

And to those swimmers at North Sydney who always stitch our GREAT relay teams together thanks for your support and ongoing commitment to compete.

As Christina has already written the day was tempered by our concern for Neal Moores and I know everyone is wishing him a speedy recovery.

North Sydney Masters Swimming club was recognised by Masters Swimming NSW as the most improved division one club in pointscore and championship points for 2012. Award attached for your perusal.

Finally thanks to Steve, Hiroto, John, Andrew and Mel for their coaching efforts.