It’s a long weekend and daylight savings coming up – great things to look forward to! This is our last weekend before sharing Sundays with North Sydney Amateurs and to celebrate these many fabulous things, Trevor has kindly offered (with assistance from his wonderful swim fan and wife Fiona) to assist with a BBQ after practice on Sunday October 5. Here are the details:
Who – all club members! Please reply to Trevor and Christina (refer to your club email for email addresses) if you plan to attend to help cater for numbers.
When – 10:00am – 11:30am training –  in the new time (don’t forget to set your clocks back!)
             BBQ – 11:45 onwards
What to bring – Yourselves. We need ONE volunteer to purchase orange juice, fresh fruit, tomatoes and onions (club will reimburse you). Please let Trevor & I know ASAP if you can do this. Bacon,eggs, sausage and rolls will be provided via Trevor and Fiona. Buy your own coffees at the cafe:)
Other things to note:
– If you love post session BBQ’s, then why not volunteer your services to do the same again next month?
– Starting October 12, the North Sydney Amateurs start up again. This means our training time moves back to 11am for the summer months (until beginning of April 2015). Some days, the pool is available at 10:30am… just depends on the day, so you might try coming to the pool early for some dryland stretching and if the NS Amateurs end early, then we get the opportunity to jump in early! We will confirm shortly, but plan for a combined dryland/swim session on Sundays from 10:30am to 12pm with a minimum of 1 hour in the pool.