As some of you may have heard, our weekend coach Wendy, is moving to Newcastle to live closer to her daugher and grandchild. While we say a big THANK YOU and farewell to Wendy, we welcome Charm Frend to the club as our new weekend coach. Wendy’s last day with us will be December 18 after which point Charm will be taking over. Holiday hours will be communicated in the next few weeks.

About Charm:

Charm came recommended to the club by Robyn Burton and supported by Colin. She was once a Masters swimmer for North Sydney and has experience coaching many adult swimmers and open water swimmers. She has a good understanding of the needs of adult / masters swimmers and has previously worked with Badger swim school as well. Here is what some of our own members have to say:

Pete Gregory:

Great to see Charm back at Norths she has a great history with the club in and out of the water…

Carolyn Hinton:

I also know Charm and in fact she coached for me when I was running the Healthland swimming schools many years ago.  She is an excellent choice, experienced with children and adults and passionate about swimming.

Charm will be on deck to have some transition with Steven for a couple of sessions before December 18, so say hello when you see her!


If you have any questions about coaching changes or special requests, please send me an email ( and I’ll help communicate these to all coaching staff. As a new initiative this year, please keep your eye out for the annual goals sheet that will be sent out with 2017 registration notice. Take some time to fill it in and email back as per the instructions on the sheet. Just taking the time to fill in your annual goals on paper usually helps to keep you motivated and focused during swim practice throughout the year:)