As most of you have seen by the signs around the pool, there is a closure coming up from 23 September to 3 October while the pool lining is repaired. We did not get any advance notice of this closure and given the total is 11 days, the club will not be renting lanes or time in another venue during this period. We do have some options for you though:
  1. This is a perfect time to enter a swim meet! The Seaside Pirates carnival is on 24 September. More information is here:
  2. Monte Adult squad at Monte pool in North Sydney (At the corner of Berry & Miller St., across from the Rag & Famish): Tues & Thurs 6:30 to 7:30pm. Drop-ins are welcome for a cost of $15 per session (There may be a group deal here depending on how many people show up – TBD on 26 September).
  3. Charm is coaching Sunday afternoons at Vic Park from 3-4pm. Cost is $20/session  + pool entry fee: (website is currently down – you can find some info on their Facebook page).
  4. Charm has offered to run a session at Balmoral on Labour Day weekend (30 Sept) at 9:30am. Meet at the north end of the beach just beyond the Balmoral Beach Club on the beach.If you have a wetsuit, bring it along as the water will still be quite chilly:)
  5. If none of these sessions work out for you and you are keen to continue swimming during the period, then I encourage you to use the internet (we are spoiled with choice with the number of pools in our city) and find a time and place that works for you. There are adult squads at most pools around the city that usually welcome drop-ins for a fee. If people are interested we can provide 2 or 3 written sessions for you to follow on your own. (Just ask Christina or another coach on deck to request this if it is of interest).