Results & Records

Swimmers / Darren Beilby / EventMeetsRecords
DateMeet NameAge groupTimePersonal BestPointsPlace 
30/5/2015NSW BPS 6 Wett Ones50-5451.91PB1673 
9-10/4/2016MSNSW Long Course Champs55-5952.041923 
10/12/2016NSW BPS 16 - Wests Auburn55-5955.421442 
4/2/2017NSW BPS 2 at Merrylands55-5955.111464 
18/11/2017NSW BPS at Novocastrians55-5955.401445 
3/2/2018NSW BPS at Campbelltown55-5953.841572 
10/2/2018NSW BPS at Merrylands55-5954.181543 
3/3/2018NSW BPS at Blacktown55-5953.001641 
17-18/3/2018MSNSW Long Course Championship55-5951.92AB1755 
27-28/4/2019NSW Long Course Champs55-5955.171465 
6/12/2020Back to the Future 655-5959.832 
10-11/4/2021NSW Long Course Championships60-6455.67AB4 
1/4/2023MSNSW LC CHAMPIONSHIPS60-6458.204 

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